FCSG statement on time of use pilot project for electric rates

Statement updated on May 13, 2014

The Fort Collins City Council considered whether or not to move forward with a “time of use pilot project for electric rates” at its work session on May 13th of this year. The time of use rate proposed by Fort Collins Utilities would apply to approximately 1,000 randomly-selected residential customers. It would charge them a variable amount per kilowatt-hour of electric energy consumed based on how much it costs to produce that kilowatt-hour at different times of the day, week, and year, labeled either “peak” or “off-peak” periods. This differs from the tiered rate that currently applies to most residential customers, which charges customers more per kilowatt-hour as they consume more electric energy. Council directed Utilities to come back with at least one additional pilot project, and to perform more outreach to City Boards and Commissions before conducting a second work session on this topic later this year.

Calculator provides insight on impact of climate change

Originally appeared in the Fort Collins Coloradoan on January 30, 2014

Arithmetic can be helpful in understanding climate change. Have you ever wondered how global temperatures are related to carbon dioxide, or how much we’d have to cut carbon dioxide emissions to stop global warming? I created a simple carbon dioxide and climate calculator to do the math: It’s online at http://tinyurl.com/climate-arithmetic.

One Earth, one future: the folly of fiddling while Earth warms

Originally appeared in the Fort Collins Coloradoan on December 5, 2013

In A.D. 64, flames consumed most of Rome. The Emperor Nero, reputed to have played his fiddle while his City burned, was thought to have started the Great Fire of Rome himself, to clear land for his planned palace. His “fiddling while Rome burns” is an apt analogy to today’s failure by the U.S. Congress and many others in positions of responsibility to act to stem global warming. Upon the release of the 2012 World Bank report, “Turn Down the Heat,” the bank’s president, Jim Young Kim, summarized its gravity: “If there is no action soon, the future will be bleak. We need to get serious fast to avoid catastrophe.”

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

7 Actions You Can Take To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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