FCSG Statement on Proposed 2021 City Budget

Updated on November 2, 2020

The Fort Collins Sustainability Group (FCSG) would like to bring to Council’s notice budget item 27.10, Reductions to the Air Quality program, and we would like Council to consider restoring this funding. This cut would adversely affect air monitoring, public education, and regional cooperation.

NCP4CE Open Letter to Platte River Power Authority Board on Public Input Process

Posted on September 30, 2020

Dear Board Chair Troxell, Vice Chair Hornbacher and Directors Bagley, Bergsten, Bernosky, Cunniff, Koenig and Marsh:

Northern Colorado Partners for Clean Energy (NCP4CE) has serious concerns about how the public comment session at the September 24th board meeting was handled. We hope that public comment can be improved at future meetings.

First, there was insufficient time allotted for public comment, which was limited to thirty minutes. Second, we were displeased about the manner in which community members who signed up to speak were cut off. While we understand the time pressures involved in conducting a business meeting, we hope that more time will be allowed for public comment in the future, and that people will not be abruptly cut off. Collectively, the five of us have provided many hours of testimony to local and state government bodies. The usual practice during public comment sessions is to give a warning when the allotted time is up or nearly up, and then allow a few seconds for speakers to finish their sentence. By cutting speakers off with no warning, PRPA sent a very clear signal that it does not value hearing what those speakers had to say.

PRPA Should not Build a Gas-fired Power Plant

Published in the Fort Collins Coloradoan on September 19, 2020

The recent collapse of our economy and routine activities is the result of a microscopic coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Without warning the entire human population became vulnerable, some more than others, but there was no populated place on earth that was spared.

This pandemic will pass (like the previous pandemics) and we will slowly get back to “normal.” Unfortunately, there is another threat to humans that is clandestine and potentially more lethal. This threat is the continued heating of our planet due to increasing greenhouse gas production from human activities.

Reflections on the Notion of Sustainability

Since its inception in 2005, the Fort Collins Sustainability Group (FCSG) has focused on local climate policy. More specifically, we have advocated for City initiatives that would both reduce our community’s greenhouse gas emissions and help our community adapt to climate change. For a detailed history of the work in which we have been engaged, see “The FCSG Story” here: http://fcsg.fccan.org/ObjectivesandGoals.

We subscribe to a notion of sustainability aligned with that set forth in the 1987 Brundtland Report, which states that “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” There are numerous examples of past societies that have functioned on a sustainable basis, including many of those in the Americas prior to European contact. However, we recognize that present generations are currently close to crossing at least eight planetary boundaries in addition to catastrophic climate change that would endanger future generations (1). Those other boundaries are:

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