Climate Solutions

The Fort Collins Sustainability Group (FCSG) organized a "Creative Climate Solutions Retreat" on the weekend of April 24 - 26, 2009 at Gabriel Moritz' straw bale house near Redfeather Lakes. Nine people took part in a creative dialog to help develop breakthrough strategies on how we might achieve 80% greenhouse gas emissions reductions on an accelerated timeline, i.e. by 2030 rather than by 2050.

Participants included:
>> Kevin Cross, FCSG Convener, Energy Engineer

>> Scott Denning, Monfort Professor of Atmospheric Science at CSU

>> Cheryl Distaso, Center for Justice, Peace, and Environment Coordinator

>> Deanna Kowal, FCSG Steering Committee Member, Student

>> Reiner Lomb, FCSG Steering Committee Member, Business Development

>> Gabriel Moritz, Straw bale house owner, Airline Pilot

>> Beth Powell, Boulder Office of Environmental Affairs Marketing and
Community Outreach Coordinator

>> David Roy, Fort Collins City Council Member

>> Lucinda Smith, Fort Collins Air Quality Program Manager

A second retreat was held on June 7, 2009 to finalize our strategy recommendations. To review the results click here.

We believe that our past record of success at the local level gives us a good foundation for advocating for the adoption of the strategies developed during this series of retreats in the future.

Lucinda, Gabriele, and CherylLucinda, Gabriele, and Cheryl
Reiner and DeannaReiner and Deanna

Kevin, Cheryl, GabrieleKevin, Cheryl, Gabriele
Beth, Scott, and DavidBeth, Scott, and David