Scaling Up: Building Municipal Sustainability Plans with Grass-Roots Action

A unique panel of grassroots organizers will be speaking about what their three cities - Isla Vista, CA, Fort Collins, CO and Columbus, OH - are doing to scale up the sustainability of their towns through a city-wide collaboration on an action plan. This webinar is sponsored by Transition U.S.

A moderator will follow up with questions that will provide information about approaches to collaboration, goals, and prospects for future viability.

Our intention is for participants to think about:

- What might a viable plan look like?
- What are the components of a good plan?
- How might grassroots groups go about cultivating support from city leaders and community members?

Also, how can scaled-up efforts be achieved through collaborating with city leaders, making a long-range sustainability plan, and finding the funding needed to implement a plan?

After panelists’ initial comments and follow-up questions, there will be a time for Q&A from the audience. Please come with your curiosity and questions!

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Event Date and Time: 
18 August 2020 - 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Event Location: 
Zoom Webinar - Advance Registration Required