Trash Mob!

We're sending clamshells again in October (Friday 10/16 - Saturday 10/17)

Instructions for sending:
1. Reuse mailers or other packaging to mail the item.
2. Reuse the other side of some office paper to write the address on and tape that to the packaging you are mailing. NO need to include a return address, but let the Trash Mobilizers know if you do.
3. Due to COVID-19, we are acting individually and not “Mobbing.” We hope to do that in the future. Mail it during the prescribed 48 hours for this Event, so if you are on FB click "going" so we know how many get sent, or reply to me that you sent.
4. Include the letter to the manufacturer below (and it's in the comments on FB)
Let us know how much it costs to mail so we can continue to track that and provide future info/assistance on how to do it the cheapest way!

To print the letter, copy and paste the content below to a Word Doc:

October 16, 2020

Derek Goodin
701 Emerson Street. Ste. 500
St. Louis, Mo 63141

Dear Mr. Goodin:

My family and I really enjoy fresh berries and tomatoes, but we don’t want to contribute to all the plastic pollution being dumped in our oceans and all over the globe. We find it next to impossible to purchase these items where they are not in a plastic clamshell. We did a simple Google search that showed that in 2018 almost 40 million tons of plastic waste was generated! Also, we are tired of being told as citizens that we should be responsible for trying to recycle all the TRASH that manufacturers use to package most everything we buy. We would like to remind manufacturers that tell us their items are “recyclable” when they are NOT, that they, not we, need to take responsibility for disposing of it.

The item I am returning to you is a thermo-formed fruit/tomato clamshell. It has a chasing arrows with a number 1 in it, which most people understand to mean it is recyclable. We know it was either made by your company or a handful of others. If we have sent one that is not yours, we apologize, but it’s still the same thing, made using the same process. It is still not recyclable in the US anywhere. We hope that by sending this back to you, you will begin to take responsibility for your packaging. There’s a concept widely used in Europe, and that we’re sure you’ve heard about called EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility). We hope you will consider participating in that. You, not we, have the power and resources to create a recycling market for your packaging, change your packaging to something that is reusable/recyclable/compostable, or help in some way, to solve the global crisis of plastic pollution.

Thank you for your attention to this!

Event Date and Time: 
16 October 2020 - 9:00am - 17 October 2020 - 1:00pm
Event Location: 
Your Local Post Office