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Soapbox - Common Sense on Climate Change 12/24/0933.5 KB
Talking Points on Energy Policy 1/2/200940 KB
Updated Comments on the Draft Climate Plan 1/3/200943 KB
Soapbox - Illness and Medicine 12/02/0826 KB
Talking Points 1/2/200932.96 KB
Elimination of Short-Term Climate Goal Likely to Delay Action (Soap Box) 8/11/200833.5 KB
CTF Recommendations Realistic and Affordable (Soap Box) 8/11/200877.74 KB
City Resolution for Climate Task Force 8/11/200884.53 KB
Comments on Tiered Electric Rates and Feed-in Tariffs 4/6/1029 KB
Bill should address jobs and environment 1/17/1021.5 KB
Comments on the Climate Action Plan 6/1/1022.5 KB
Comments on Recycling and the Climate Action Plan 6/15/1026.5 KB
Comments on the Climate Status Report and Tiered Rates 081710.doc24 KB
Support EPA and Strong Climate Bill 050510.doc23 KB
Spoapbox - Strengthen American Power Act 060310.doc25.5 KB
Comments on Tiered Residential Electric Rates 110210.doc24.5 KB
McVey - The Social Component of Sustainability.doc24.5 KB
Soapbox - Physics Does Not Hinge on Beliefs.doc25 KB
LTE Climate change needs political focus.doc23 KB
Comments for City Council on On-Bill Financing 041911.doc31 KB
FCSG to City Council on Tiered Rates 092011.pdf82.85 KB
FCSG to City Council on Tiered Rate Proposal 101611.pdf102.87 KB
LTE on Moving Planet Bike Ride 091211.pdf82.01 KB
FCSG Talking Points in Support of a TRER 120911.pdf192.2 KB
Statement on Improvements to Rawhide Coal-Fired Power Plant 032912.pdf249.56 KB
Statement on proposal to add food waste to wastewater stream 061512.pdf177.08 KB
Statement on oil and gas exploration and fracking 082512.pdf195.58 KB
LTE on summer TRER impact 062012.pdf97.49 KB
Statement on EH section of proposed 2013-14 biennial budget 091812.pdf185.02 KB
Statement on increasing cardboard recycling and reducing disposable bag use 120412.pdf73.3 KB
Statement on Fracking Ban 011813.pdf94.11 KB
Soapbox - Fracking regulations essential for city health 111312.pdf123.64 KB
Flyer on Fracking and Global Climate Change rev1.pdf188.96 KB
Soapbox - Council should increase emissions reduction goal 092012.pdf79.71 KB
Endorsement of five year fracking moratorium and comments on the Fort Collins fracking ban 062013.pdf187.33 KB
LTE on increase in wild fires 071313.pdf126.91 KB
Statement on energy efficiency and waste diversion requirements for URA 081813.pdf214.99 KB
LTE on immigration and climate change 080913.pdf123.49 KB
LTE on energy use reports and smart meters 071513.pdf123.31 KB
LTE on Studying Fracking First 102813.pdf120 KB
Soapbox - In Support of a Fracking Moratorium 102413.pdf129.54 KB
Statement on Road to Zero Waste Plan 121913.pdf293.39 KB
LTE on Fort Collins bike routes 110613.pdf118.38 KB
Statement on Climate Action Plan Update 040214.pdf184.53 KB
Soapbox - One Earth, One Future 120513.pdf127.64 KB
Statement on time of use pilot project for electric rates 051314.pdf268.03 KB
Statement on Disposable Bag Ordinance 082314.pdf283.17 KB
Statement on Judge Lammons' decision to overturn the five year moratorium on fracking 092814.pdf138.72 KB
LTE on disposable bags 080314.pdf133.94 KB
Statement on LED Street Lights and Vision for a Fossil-Free Future Budget Offers 102114.pdf155.38 KB
Statement on Climate Action Plan Update and On-bill Financing 103114.pdf179.72 KB
Soapbox - Fort Collins should reduce carbon footprint 101514.pdf125.89 KB
Calculator Provides Insight on Impact of Climate Change 013014.pdf45.02 KB
LTE on the Fort Collins Climate Action Plan Update 020515.pdf126.37 KB
Statement on Climate Action Plan Update 030415.pdf192.48 KB
LTE Urge council to approve Climate Action Plan 030315.pdf118.54 KB
Statement on IGA related to an on-campus stadium 031615.pdf257.86 KB
Statement on Mid-cycle Budget Offers for CAP Implementation 052415.pdf259.38 KB
Comments on Fort Collins Draft Energy Policy 060115.pdf260.5 KB
Statement on NISP 072215.pdf129.01 KB
Soapbox - Climate Plan Could Make City a Leader 022715.pdf129.32 KB
Thumbs up for 2015 Climate Action Plan 030715.pdf117.67 KB
Colorado falls behind on energy planning 101715.pdf135.74 KB
NR on 2015 Colorado Climate Plan 091615.pdf273.16 KB
Statement on Fort Collins CAP Implementation 111815.pdf262.67 KB
Testimony concerning HB16-1004 020416.pdf283.17 KB
Statement on Fort Collins CAP 2020 Strategic Plan Update 030916.pdf265.17 KB
Fact Sheet for HB16-1004 031516.pdf191.5 KB
Talking Points for HB16-1004 031516.pdf194.79 KB
LTE on Paris Climate Agreement 122415.pdf79.15 KB
Statement on Proposed Funding Delay for Energy Efficiency Programs 062416.pdf265.44 KB
LTE Colorado GOP and Climate Change 041316.pdf127.62 KB
Statement on Proposed Community Recycling Ordinance 062916.pdf268.26 KB
Statement on the Appropriation of General Fund Reserves for CAP Programs 072416.pdf132.21 KB
LTE Its fossil fuels that are reckless 060816.pdf125.13 KB
Statement on Climate Action Plan Progress Work Session Item 083116.pdf129.98 KB
NR on Draft Executive Order to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change 082516.pdf284.34 KB
Statement on Proposed Community Recycling Ordinance 090716.pdf209.32 KB
CAP critics ignore the savings 070816.pdf51.28 KB
Statement on 2017-18 Biennial Budget 103116.pdf273.88 KB
Colorado General Assembly candidate survey on climate-related issues 102516.pdf132.94 KB
Hick moves Colorado backward on climate change 091016.pdf212.68 KB
Statement on Climate Action Plan Rebranding 111716.pdf125.13 KB
Statement on Climate Mayors' Letter 011917.pdf276.59 KB
DP and Sen Scott Both Wrong on Climate Action 013116.pdf122.83 KB
Statement on Climate Action Plan Rebranding 020617.pdf77.83 KB
Thumbs up to Council on Endorsing Climate Mayors Letter 012817.pdf126.74 KB
Statement on CAP Rebranding and TOU Pilot Study 030317.pdf375.08 KB
Our Government is Failing us on Global Climate Change 020617.pdf137.64 KB
LTE See Where City Council Candidates Stand on Climate Action 032217.pdf121.14 KB
Don't Rebrand Fort Collins Climate Action Plan 022817.pdf181.72 KB
Responses to Questionnaire 031017.pdf224.02 KB
The PRPA Needs to Get Serious About Renewable Energy 042117.pdf130.31 KB
Statement on Key CAP Initiatives for 2017 050117.pdf266.5 KB
Statement on RTZW Goals and the CORP 052317.pdf266.64 KB
Statement on TOU Electric Rate Options 070917.pdf273.98 KB
Comparison of FCSG TOU Rate Recommendation to Straight TOU Rate 070917.pdf188.07 KB
LTE Trump budget emphasizes wrong threats 040717.pdf67.61 KB
Open Letter to to NOAA, EPA Scientists 041417.pdf181.71 KB
NR on Announcement re US Climate Alliance and 2017 EO 071217.pdf274.63 KB
FCSG Statement on Establishing a 100 Percent RE Goal for 2030 091917.pdf135.17 KB
Statement on TOU Electric Rate Options 112217.pdf269.94 KB
NoCo Partners for Clean Energy Urges PRPA to Transition to Renewable Energy_12_5_2017.pdf104.75 KB
PRPA Carbon-free study a laudable endeavor 082917.pdf280.85 KB
Catalyst Cooperative Review of PRPA ZNC Portfolio Analysis - Final.pdf270.69 KB
First NCP4CE Review of PRPA Zero Net Carbon Portfolio Analysis 122117.pdf281.67 KB
Statements on Income Qualified Rate and Low-Income Efficiency Programs 020518.pdf271.65 KB
Proposed Climate Change Platform 022118.pdf184.87 KB
FCSG Letter to Fort Collins City Manager on Delays in RTZW Plan 031918.pdf136.56 KB
PRPA ZNC Critique_180331_Final.pdf496.71 KB
Press Release NCP4CE 040218.pdf284.36 KB
Fort Collins 100 Percent RE Resolution 041918.pdf39.56 KB
FCP4CE Releases Resolution to Achieve 100 Percent RE 042118.pdf207.73 KB
FCSG Statement on CAP and Local Solar Goals 050818.pdf143.25 KB
FCSG Statement on Martinez Amicus Brief 051418.pdf136.15 KB
LTE Story Subjects Claim Don't Hold Water 081517.pdf124.21 KB
LTE Support 100 Percent Renewable Electricity by 2030 012418.pdf46.86 KB
Open Letter to CC Concerning CoC Letter on 100 Percent RE 051418.pdf205.75 KB
FCSG Statement on Larimer County Wasteshed Coalition Recommendations 052218.pdf261.5 KB
Fort Collins Can, Should Reach Fully Renewable Electricty by 2030 052718.pdf275.79 KB
Ft. Collins Chamber of Commerce CEO is Wrong on RE 062118.pdf289.62 KB
LTE Don't Spread Misinfo about Renewables 072918.pdf174.12 KB
Renewable Energy Sources Rise as Coal Declines 072918.pdf132.57 KB
Fort Collins Chamber CEO Continues to Ignore Climate Crisis 081718.pdf128.57 KB
CCLC State Candidate Questionnaire Results Summary 092718.xls60 KB
FCSG Statement on Staff Memo Regarding 100% Renewable Electricity Goal 071618.pdf68.34 KB
FCSG Statements on Support for CAP Goals in Biennial Budget and 100% RE Goal 100318.pdf153.24 KB
LTE What does the chamber think about climate change 090918.pdf125.74 KB
FCSG Statement of Support for Proposition 112 101618.pdf133.49 KB
FCSG Statement on Proposed Biennial Budget and the CAP 110518.pdf265.53 KB
Renewable Electricity Sources Affordable and Reliable 091418.pdf129.75 KB
FCSG Statement on Regional Waste Shed Master Plan 121018.pdf258.96 KB
LTE Vote Yes on 112 102718.pdf160.85 KB
FCCAN Candidate Questionnaire for April Election 031819.pdf177.09 KB
City, State Programs Available to Help Lower Utility Bills 021919.pdf51.19 KB
FCSG Statement of Support for IGA Implementing RWSMP 041619.pdf127.44 KB
FCSG Statement on Proposed Climate Emergency Resolution 070319.pdf133.53 KB
FCSG Statement on Progress Toward Meeting CAP Goals 072619.pdf266.91 KB
Colorado Should Set Bold Climate Change Goals 040219.pdf131.71 KB
Climate Crisis Demands Both Mitigation and Adaptation 061819.pdf264.78 KB
Fort Collins City Council Approves a Climate Emergency Resolution 082219.pdf259.19 KB
Original FCSG and XR FC Climate Emergency Resolution.pdf266.93 KB
Draft Climate Emergency Resolution including FCSG and XR FC edits.pdf111.5 KB
Linking Climate Protection and Peace 092619.pdf193.13 KB
Open Letter to the BOD of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce 121819.pdf163.53 KB
Statement in Support of the Wet'suwet'en 012820.pdf265.02 KB
Proposed Policy Concerning the Measurement of F-Gases 022920.pdf189.36 KB
FCSG Statement on 2018 Climate Action Plan Results 121619.pdf271.28 KB
PRPA Staff Should Try Harder to Reach 100 Percent 030820.pdf160.38 KB
CCLC State GA Candidate Questionnaire Results Summary 060820.xls84 KB
CCLC Congressional Candidate Questionnaire Results Summary 060820.xls44 KB
Protect Air Quality During the Respiratory Pandemic 041020.pdf171.95 KB
An Open Letter to City Council re Broadcom's Generous Donation 042020.pdf263.13 KB
Colorado candidate questionnaires on climate and clean energy 061420.pdf123.05 KB
NCP4CE Calls on PRPA to Implement 100% Renewable Energy in the IRP 060920.pdf125.07 KB
NCP4CE to Board of Directors on IRP Report 090220.pdf224.83 KB
FCSG Statement on Including Broadcom F-gas emissions in GHG Inventory 061520.pdf273.19 KB
Broadcom-Avago IPPU Emissions - Graph Only.pdf169.3 KB
Staff memo on IPPUs 060320.pdf549.69 KB