Fort Collins City Council Approves a Climate Emergency Resolution

Updated on August 22, 2019

The Fort Collins Sustainability Group (FCSG) and Extinction Rebellion Fort Collins (XR FC) introduced a Climate Emergency Resolution to the Fort Collins City Council at its meeting on July 2nd. That evening, City Council directed staff to prepare a resolution using the FCSG and XR FC resolution as a starting point for a subsequent Council vote. Staff released its version of the resolution on August 8th. Council voted on that resolution – including a number of amendments proposed by the FCSG and XR FC to bring the resolution into better alignment with the original version– on August 20th. The amended resolution was approved unanimously (7-0), to the surprise of many of us.

Our original resolution, our proposed edits to staff’s version of the resolution, and the final version approved by Council are attached.

The modifications proposed by the FCSG and XR FC to Staff’s version of the Climate Emergency Resolution were as follow:

1. Reincorporate the “whereas” clauses and Section 5 of the original resolution related to calling for the initiation of a state, national, and international Climate Emergency Mobilization and Just Transition effort. These changes are highlighted in yellow in the attachment.

2. Reincorporate the “whereas” clauses and the second portion of Section 2 of the original resolution related to committing the City to consider strengthening its 2030 and 2050 climate goals at five year intervals beginning in 2020. These changes are highlighted in green in the attachment.

3. Reincorporate Section 4 of the original resolution committing the City to ensure that Fort Collins residents are educated about the climate emergency. These changes are highlighted in blue in the attachment. The supporting “whereas” clauses are the same as those for Section 5 of the original resolution.

4. Replace one “whereas” clause in staff’s version of the resolution related to Indigenous communities with three “whereas” clauses that acknowledge Indigenous people’s possession of traditional ecological knowledge and rights to their ancestral homelands. These changes are highlighted in gray in the attachment.

Original FCSG and XR FC Climate Emergency Resolution.pdf266.93 KB
Draft Climate Emergency Resolution including FCSG and XR FC edits.pdf111.5 KB