Protect Air Quality During the Respiratory Pandemic – Take Action!

Posted on April 10, 2020

We are living in the midst of a global pandemic present in our state and our communities. This pandemic, COVID-19, results in respiratory illness, respiratory distress, and even death, at alarmingly high rates. People with reduced lung capacity, those immuno-suppressed and the elderly are at higher risk. For more information and the link to a petition to Governor Jared Polis and others, please continue reading.

Oil and gas activities are responsible for as much as 40% of the pollution that resulted in the EPA reclassifying Colorado air quality as in “serious” violation of air quality laws, forcing stricter efforts to reduce air pollution. This pollution is greatly increasing our population’s risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19. Many businesses that increase public risk are being asked to shut down during this pandemic.

Join the FCSG and other organizations in calling for all fossil fuel extraction and production activities known to release harmful VOCs and air pollution to be ceased, without exception, throughout the state for at least 30 days and until the pandemic is contained in Colorado (i.e. hospitals are not overwhelmed and the number of cases are on the decline). Visit this link ( to sign a petition to Governor Jared Polis, the Colorado State Land Board, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission calling for this temporary pause.