Proposed Fort Collins City Policy Concerning the Measurement of F-Gases

Posted on March 5, 2020

At the Fort Collins City Council meeting on March 3rd, the Fort Collins Sustainability Group (FCSG) proposed the following policy concerning the measurement of fluorinated gases, or F-gases. F-gases comprise a subset of “Industrial Processes and Product Use” (IPPU) emissions, and are powerful greenhouse gases. For more information on F-gas emissions for the City of Fort Collins, see the post titled “FCSG Statement on 2018 Fort Collins Climate Action Plan Results” dated December 15th, 2019, which appears further down on our homepage.

The Fort Collins City Council directs staff to include F-gas emissions in all future Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Reports, starting with the 2019 Report. Staff shall also include estimated F-gas emissions in revised 2005 baseline reports beginning in 2020. Staff shall further work with major F-gas emitters in the City of Fort Collins to reduce the release of these gases into the environment in order to protect the atmosphere for future generations and to meet the City’s GHG emissions reduction goals.

This new approach to counting F-gases is in alignment with the “Guidance Note” accompanying the Global Covenant of Mayors Common Reporting Framework dated April 12th, 2019. Box 1 on page 16 of the Guidance Note (attached) addresses “Insignificant reporting requirements,” and states that “the combined emissions from all sources that are considered insignificant should not exceed 5% of total emissions that shall be reported.” The F-gas emissions from one Fort Collins source in 2018 – Broadcom – were equivalent to approximately 9% of the emissions from all reported sources.

GCoM Reporting Framework April 2019.pdf2.57 MB